Medical Cartridge Silicone Oil(SILIT-103)

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Medical cartridge silicone oil (SILIT-103) is mainly used for silicone treatment of syringe cartridges and gel plugs, with the following characteristics

1. Very low surface tension, excellent ductility.

2. Good lubricity for PP and PE materials used in syringes, with sliding performance indexes far exceeding national standards

3. High hydrophobicity and water repellency.

4. Produced according to GMP standard, the production process adopts the advanced de-heating source process.

5. Passed the testing of medical silicone oil by Jinan Food and Drug Administration, a national authority.

Product Advantages

No dilution cartridge silicone oil adopts new raw material formula and production process, more convenient to use and more efficient production capacity.

1. Convenient and quick transportation: it is packed in environmentally friendly white porcelain barrels, 4kg/barrel, 4 barrels/box, avoiding silicone oil and solvents to be transported separately, which is safer and more efficient. It is safer, more convenient and faster to transport.

2. Directly used on the machine, more convenient to use. Save the manpower, material and time in the process of silicone oil blending. consumption waste.

3. No mist will be generated during the use, which greatly ensures the personal safety of workers and improves the workshop production environment.

4. The biggest advantage is: low unit consumption, high production capacity, great savings in product costs, for manufacturers to obtain maximum revenue The biggest advantage is: low unit consumption, high production capacity, great savings in product cost, to provide manufacturers with maximum revenue guarantee

Packaging Specification

Packed in sealed white porcelain barrel with anti-theft mouth, 4kg/barrel, 4 barrels/box, 6 barrels/box

Shelf Life
Stored at room temperature, away from light and ventilation, when the barrel is completely sealed, its use is valid for 18 months from the production date. 18 months from the date of production.

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