Transformer winding machine is the most important core production equipment in the production process of transformer. Its winding performance determines the electrical characteristics of transformer and whether the coil is beautiful. At present, there are three types of winding machine for transformer: horizontal winding machine, vertical winding machine and automatic winding machine. They are respectively used in the production of transformer in different fields. With the development of technology, the winding machine is progressing It is also very big, mainly reflected in the function and winding performance. We will briefly talk about how to use the transformer winding machine reasonably.

Setting parameters of winding machine of transformer correctly

Whether the winding machine can work normally or not and the correct setting plays a key role. The transformer winding machine is different from other winding machines and belongs to the slow running equipment. Because the production process of the transformer determines the frequent start-up and constant torque requirements of the equipment, the parameters to be set for the winding machine of the transformer generally include: the number of turns set is the number of turns that the equipment needs to run according to the production process, which is divided into three parts The setting of the total number of turns and the number of turns corresponding to each step sequence should be noted that the total number of turns is equal to the total number of turns in each step sequence. The setting of idle function is also a common parameter, which mainly controls the slow running of the equipment when starting and stopping, playing the role of soft starting and parking buffer. The correct setting can make the operator have a process of adapting to the tension when starting the winding machine It is more accurate to stop the machine with buffer when it is ready to stop; the running speed is used to control the rotational speed of the equipment when it is running. The setting of the rotational speed needs to be determined in combination with the production process and the actual working conditions of the winding. Too fast or too slow operation is not conducive to the formation of the coil. The rapid operation will not be conducive to the control of the operator, and the vibration and noise of the equipment will be increased. The operation at too low speed will greatly affect the equipment The production capacity and efficiency of the equipment will also affect the torque output of the main shaft of the equipment; the step-by-step function is used to control the operation sequence of the equipment, which is generally determined according to the production process. The forming and winding of a coil is not only the winding of enameled wire, but also many other steps, such as wrapping paper layer, insulating cloth, etc., so the correct setting of the step-by-step function will give full play to the equipment Efficiency.

Post time: Jul-24-2020