Medical Silicone Oil

Medical silicone oil is a polydimethylsiloxane liquid and its derivatives used for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases or for lubrication and defoaming in medical devices. In a broader sense, cosmetic silicone oils used for skin care and beauty care also belong to this category.

Most of the commonly used medical silicone oils are polydimethylsiloxane, which can be made into anti-bloating tablets for treating abdominal distension and aerosol for treating pulmonary edema by using its antifoaming property, and can also be used as anti-adhesive agent for preventing intestinal adhesion in abdominal surgery, as antifoaming agent for gastric fluid in gastroscopy and as lubricant for some medical surgical instruments. Medical silicone oil requires production in a clean environment, has high purity, no residual acid, alkali catalyst, low volatility, and is currently produced mostly by resin method.
Properties of medical silicone oil:

Colorless and clarified oily liquid; odorless or almost odorless and tasteless. Medical silicone oil in Chloroform, ether or toluene is very easy to dissolve, in water and ethanol insoluble. The quality standard of medical silicone oil must comply with the 2010 version of Chinese Pharmacopoeia and USP28/NF23 (higher than the previous API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) standard).
The role of medical silicone oil:
1. Used as lubricant and polishing agent for tablets and capsules, granulation, compression and coating of tablets, brightness, anti-viscosity and moisture-proof; cooling agent for controlled and slow-release preparations, especially for drops.
2. The storage of transdermal drug delivery preparations with strong fat solubility; used as a suppository release agent; antifoaming agent in the extraction process of traditional Chinese medicine.
3. It has small surface tension and can change the surface tension of air bubbles to make them break.

Post time: Jun-01-2022