resin-modified silicone fluid, as a new type of fabric softener, combines the resin material with organosilicon to make the fabric soft and textured.

Polyurethane, also known as resin. Because it has a large number of highly reactive ureido and Amine-format esters, it can cross link to form films on the fiber surface and has high elasticity.

A hydrophilic soft chain end is installed on the chain of silicone epoxy group by using chemical catalysts. The new substance is a solid state, unlike conventional liquid silicone, it is easier to form a membrane on the surface of the fiber, making fabric softer and firmer, which solves the pilling problem common in clothing.

Resin modified silicone oil has a broad market prospect. It is different from the original direct modification treatment of fiber, it can be used in the modification of clothing. By attaching film on the surface of clothing, it becomes hyper-elastic and anti-pilling. 

Post time: Jul-16-2020