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SILIT-2803LV is special amino silicone softener and a reactive functional silicone fluid, almost no d4d5d6 meets the latest EU regulations. The product can be used in various textile finishing, such as cotton, cotton blending, It has good soft and good smooth feeling and little effect on yellowness.

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Appearance       clear to slightly turbid fluid
PH value            7~9
Viscosity,25℃     Approx.1000mPa•S
Amine number    Approx. 0.2
Compatibility      Mixed use with cationic and nonionic auxiliaries

SILIT-2803LV imparts superior softness and smooth.
Little yellowness
Good drapability

1 Exhaustion process:
SILIT-2803LV(30%emulsion) 0.5~1%o.w.f. (After dilution)
Usage :40℃~50℃×15~30min

2 Padding process:
SILIT-2803LV(30%emulsion) 5~15g/L (After dilution)
Usage :double-dip-double-nip

Emulsification method:
SILIT-2803LV<100% solid content> emulsified to 30% solid content cationic emulsion
+To5 ----50g
+To7 ----50g
+ Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether ----10g; then stirring 10minutes
② slowly add H2O ----200g; then stirring 30minutes
③ +HAc (----8g) + add slowly H2O (----292); then slowly add the mixture and stirring 15min
④ +H2O ----200g; then stirring 15minutes
Ttl.: 1000g / 30% solid content

SILIT-2803LV is available in 200kg plastic drums.

Storage and shelf-life:
When stored in the original unopened packaging at a temperature of between +2°C and +40°C, SILIT-2803LV can be used for up to 12 months after the date of manufacture marked on the packaging (DLU). Comply with storage instructions and the expiry date marked on the packaging. Past this date, SHANGHAI HONNEUR TECH no longer guarantees that the product meets the sales specifications.




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